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What you have to know about apartment Ban Phe Thailand

What you have to know

You are located slightly outside of the centre of Ban Phe (~1.5 Km) in a calm, -but safe area. You need a vehicle (bicycle, motorbike or car) to relocate to the centre, except you wish to walk the distance to the centre. Public taxis are difficult to get from our place and waiting times might be expected. You have the possibility to rent easily a bicycle, motorbike or a car in Ban Phe or with us.

Check in - Check out:
Check-out time is normally by 12.00 clock.

We receive families with children. You are not allowed to smoke inside the building.
Sufficient ash tries are available outside of the building.

Global warming is every where; -do not waste global resources:
Do not run the airconís wile you are outside. Our prices are fair, and our airconís are sufficiently sized to provide within minutes a cold atmosphere.

Our place
Our contact person speaks only basic English, however sufficient to support you. You find yourself in an authentic location but close to the touristic stream of Koh Samet or Pattaya.
We are permanently reachable trough our contact person.

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