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Attractions Ban Phe, Rayong, Thailand


You are in Ban Phe surrounded by beaches and the next one is just 1 km away from your apartment.
All the beaches are gently sloped and mostly quiet without any waves.
The beaches on the mainland are always little less clear then the beaches on the islands, especially in rainy season.

In the nearby Rayong Aquarium you can discover sharks, rays, turtles and much more marine wildlife.

Ban Phe is ideally situated to enjoy holiday & beach atmosphere and you are still close to large shopping centres and entertainment.
Also a jungle safari with waterfalls can be easily realized in one day.

Map, Karte, Ban Phe

Suan Son beach (1 Km )
1 Km away from your apartment starts already the first beach. The beach starts are a little murky but after a couple of restaurants (right on the beach) you can enjoy quiet solitude. Pine trees provide shade and on days with low humidity you can see the island of Koh Samet. After about 2 Km loneliness various restaurants start and you can select between seafood, or some international dishes. Cocktails and international drinks are available everywhere. At the end of the beach lies the luxury resort of Bari Lamai directly in front of the small Chinese temple.
During the week you might find almost an empty beach. But on the weekend many tourists mainly coming from Bangkok & surrounding or school busses from Isaan enjoy here this cosy atmosphere.

There is a possibility to surf: Across from the "Tesco Lotus" (see map of Ban Phe) surfboards can be rented.
Banana Boat and Jet Ski be found near the restaurants.

Suan Son forest (1 – 3 Km )
1 Km away from your apartment starts the first beach and with it also a very small rain forest. The forest is only around 500 m wide and 3 km long, -just behind the beach along the road. However if you are inside you feel a little bit like in a deep tropical rainforest: A “rain forest for beginners”. There are only a few trails in and also one directly outside close to the marsh. It’s definitely worth a walk or a small bike tour.

Rim Pae beach (7 – 10 Km )
The beach behind the Suan Son beach is partially “untouched” and very nice. There are some roads to the beach (for example, in direction of the "Glen Asia" directions).
On this beach is also the Hotel Novotel situated only surrounded by a few resorts.

Hat Maerampung beach (7 – 15 Km )
About 7 Km away from your apartment is one of the most beautiful beaches of the mainland in the province Rayong. The "Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet," National Park starts here already on the mainland and adjacent to this beach. A small wooded hill identiy the beginnings of the National Park and adorn the idyllic picture.
On certain days, the water has a clarity that is usually found only on the island of Koh Samet.
Over the entire beach restaurants and resorts can be found. Some skyscrapers built before the Asian crisis show the potential of this area.
During the week you might find almost an empty beach. But on the weekend many tourists mainly coming from Bangkok & surrounding or school busses from Isaan enjoy here this cosy atmosphere.

Between Hat Maerampung beach and Ban Phe (4 Km)
Between Hat Maerampung beach and Ban Phe starts already the first part of the Koh Samet National Park. This is a small hilly area with an exotic coast with stones and small beaches. There is also the famous Rayong Resort situated, -a luxury hotel with its own private beach. There is a road going in the park near the Hat Maerampung beach.
You can also walk from the Maerampung beach to Ban Phe,-all along the coast, however, be some minimal climbing skills are demanded. You will be rewarded with beautiful lonely beaches ...

Koh Samet (7 Km)
Or with its official name "Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet" national park with small islands and beautiful beaches. The Samet Archipelago includes after the largest and only inhabited island Koh Samet also the following small islands: Koh- Chan, San Chalam, Hin Khao, Kuthi, Klet Chalam, Kruai, Makham, Plai Tin, Thai Khang Kkao, Yung Kluea und Koh Thalu.

Koh Samet is an international tourist attraction and is the whole year frequently visited.
On the weekends it might get crowded as the national Tourism is also added. Koh Samet has various facets: You love it or you are disappointed. However you can only judge it negatively, if you have wrong selected and then not moved towards it.
The island offers diversion for all kind of budgets and tastes: From the simple Guesthouse away from the beach up to the luxury hotel for 3000 CHF per night. Hype or loneliness, both can be found in every imaginable budget.

The smaller uninhabited islands can be visited from Koh Samet or Ban Phe in individual travel arrangements.

Ferries leave the centre of Ban Phe to Koh Samet every hour (between 8.00 AM and 5.00 PM) on various peers: Price 100 THB for two ways.
With the speedboat you can get any time on the island (around 10 minutes from Ban Phe) for about 3000 THB for the whole boat.
The visit to the National Park requires a surcharge of 200 THB. This is normally valid for 1 month.

Koh Kudi (10 Km)
Koh Kudi one of the larger, uninhabited island of "Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet." national park. There is the possibility stay overnight in simple bungalow has to stay there. Only one restaurant is available where meals are offered during the day.
The small island is covered by tropical jungle and the hilly terrain makes a tour around the island still time consuming (2-3 hours).
The beach is gorgeous and during the week you can enjoy a "Robinson Island" almost exclusively alone.
This island can be visited from Koh Samet in collecting trips (350 - 700 THB per person). Individual visits by speedboat are expensive (about 7000 THB for 3 hours) and sometimes difficult to find.

Rayong aquarium (5 Km)
In Ban Phe is the "Eastern Marine Fisheries Research and Development Centre" situated. It’s a public aquarium & research centre with sea live such as turtles, sharks, rays, seahorses and many other exotic fishes from the Gulf of Thailand.
The entrance fee is 20 THB per person which is cheap and cannot be compared with the Siam Ocean Wold in Bangkok. Nevertheless, a visit is worthwhile, especially if you travel with children. From Rayong Aquarium, you can have a interesting (not labelled) walk along the coast in direction of the national park. You can find many untouched beaches until you suddenly walk in the luxury Rayong Resort.

The coast in the direction of Chantaburi and Trat
Explore by car, motorbike or bicycle many almost untouched beaches and villages up to the Cambodian border, passing the gem-trading centre Chantaburi and the island Koh Chang. After the Suan Son beach you will find one beach after another. Initially, still relatively touristy and increasingly isolated. A slight adventurous spirit is required to move in the "not very well English spoken” territory but it will definitely be rewarded. The streets are always labelled in English and a good, detailed map is gold worth.
On a pier you can find a ferry which brings you to the offshore island with natural turtles preservation centres.
Hat Chao Lao is a “secret” place (not on weekends): Only a few resorts, clean water and fresh seafood eaters for spoiled sea food eaters. It’s a nice place for a stopover in a romantic resort.
Monkeys can be spotted in some areas and they wait for "easy prey".

Khao-Khao Wong National Park Chamao (Distance: 70 Km)
A national park with a tropical rain forest, waterfalls and caves. The river basins are filled with water and fishes, which can be fed. Swimming in the water is not allowed and when you see the number of hungry fishes you dispense gently.
This forest is also something for experienced jungle hikers. According to Thai homepage you can still spot wild tigers and rhinos. This is possible in some national parks in Thailand, but if this still applies to this area is questionable. Read more...

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